Green Choices

As a plastic packaging supplier, Yuan Pin is no match for those car and airbus giant enterprises no matter scale or financial, but we do not deter but are more dedicated to love and give back to our environment. We keep exploring and taking the lead to protect the environment.
Over the years, we are first among plastic bag industry to introduce innovative environmentally friendly solution, from corn material, stone powder, different types of decomposable materials, bio-oxidation materials, recycled materials, creative eco-raw materials, to self-initiate energy-saving program, or offering customers environmental packaging advice. All these are hoping to be a more responsible manufacturer.

Reduce is the idea behind our Stonepow Eco-bag. More than half of the content of the bag is made of natural stone powder.

Corn starch or sugarcane bag is the product with an aim to reduce oil consumptions. It is a modified starch to replace plastic in making bag. It is commonly pure waste powder made from corn core by way of steeping, smashing, separation, fine grinding and drying. It is a sustainable biobased source rather than limited fossil resources.

Degradable plastic bag, as it speaks for itself, can be decomposed naturally with heat, light or oxygen. It has the same phyiscal properties of a normal plastic bag during its shelf life. It can decompose much quickly so non-harmful for micro-organism can digest it back to the earth. These degradable techology has been used for retail packaging, food packaging, security and anti-counterfeit packaging.

When we talked about environmental conservation, we cannot ignore the total energy consumptions. Generally, the less energy loss during the process with the same output, the better the process. In simple terms, the less footprint.
Overall, we have invest in more efficient machine and system both to protect environment and enhance productivity.

Bio-degradable is a green concept to return back what consumed back into the earth.It is a disintegration of materials by micro-organisms, for example, bacteria, fungi, or other biological means, into natural elements.
Yuan Pin can make two different types of biodegradable plastics: bioplastics and additives-based plastic. Both helps decomposition of plastic back to natural elements.

Recycling is one of the 3R concept. It reduces the use of virgin plastic altogether. Some consider it is even better than bioplastics by negative carbon emissions. A result of lesser use of “new” plastic which should have been used.  In Yuan Pin, we make use of Post-consumer, Post-industrial and Pre-consumer waste to help our earth.