Unique options detail

Shinny Coat

“Can I do a more shinny surface than a normal LDPE? It makes my bag outstanding.” Yes, let try our shinny coating on your bag. The bag will be reflecting shinny.

Non-rub off

One day our customer came to us and said: “My plastic bag is printed in full page with my corporate blue. It is perfectly reflecting my brand! But my customers keep coming back to our store saying the blue from the bag fall off to their pants. Can you do something for that?”

YP: That’s why you can choose our developed Non rub-off finishing line. Ink will not come off from your plastic bag.


“I want to do something for the environment but I have limted budget. I cannot afford the expensive starch or PLA material.” said one European customer. That is the reason we come up with Stonepow. Bag is made of 60% natural stone powder. A pure natural choice.

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Double Layer

“Do you see the duffle bag for iphone? I love that style. Can you make it for us?” said our specialist store customer. Yes, we can, with frosty outer layer and colored inner layer. In fact, apart from duffle, we can make it in many different style.


PEVA is a perfect combination of “silk soft material with frosty elegence”.


“Can I do a more shinny surface than a normal LDPE plastic bag? It makes my bag outstanding.” YP : Yes, let try our shinny coating on your bag. Your plastic bag will be eye-catching reflecting shinny.


Customer: “I want to give my company name an highlight effect on my plastic bag. Can you do that?” Our watches store customer requested . YP: Yeap, you can give a specific varnish coating on your company name or any place you want, any size, any where.


What I need is my bag covered all over with my company slogan. “I would like not a partial or localized embossment. Is it possible?”YP : In the first glance, this is really a tricky thing. But we complete it as requested.

Inside-out film

My paper bag is printed inside with my brand colour and I would like my plastic bag the same, can you?” YP: Yes, of course. This is our unique selling point. Plastic bag can be made of a single film with outside and inside different in colours. On top of that film, you can print with another 8 colours.

Recycled material

Customer: “We are fast food chain stores. We use tray with recycled plastic. Do you have bag made of recycled plastic?” asked our customer in Europe. YP: In terms of protecting environment, there is no little thing. Our recycled materials are supplied by reputable sources.

Acrylic Display

Our strength products is the production of acrylic display, Acrylic products in the printing is our best product.