Duffle Bag 沙灘袋

Duffle Bag 沙灘袋

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Also called Shoulder bag. An essessially sporty, stylish and fashionable choice for your brand. Bear the drawstring on shoulder and reserve both your hands free from shopping around.

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Material: Virgin and Recycled LDPE & HDPE; PP; Degradable enviromental friendly material; ultra-flexible CPE; Laminated film for non-rub-off surface.
基材料:原生或再生高或低密度聚乙烯;聚丙烯;可降解環保料;流延級超拉伸性低密度聚乙烯; 獨特不脫色膜特別配方設計, 避免經常摩擦而脫色。

Suitable for sports all kinds of sports related activities, e.g., sports speciality stores, sports competitions & events such as marathon & swimming, animation, comics & games expo, première, music festivial, new product or services launch, etc.

Accessories 配件: Double Layer 雙層, Hotstamping 燙金, Backpack Bag 背囊袋, Double Layer Gift Bag 雙層料禮物袋