Patch handle 補片袋

Patch handle 補片袋

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Environmentally friendly and practical choice. Optimal for medium weight contents. The handle is strengthed by a piece of thin plastic film inside while printing of the bag outside is not affected.
成功在於細節上的要求,補片購物袋充分表現品牌與眾不同細心與體貼。 為保護地球出一分力,針對手挽位置無痕以雙重膠片加強袋的盛載力重,既可藉減低袋身厚度減少用料,又不會影響袋整體印刷上設計發揮。

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Material: Virgin and Recycled LDPE & HDPE; Degradable enviromental friendly material; Laminated film for non-rub-off surface.
基材料:原生或再生高或低密度聚乙烯;可降解環保料; 獨特不脫色膜特別設計, 避免經常摩擦而脫色。

Suitable for innovative companies. Patch handle bag can carry heavier content with same specifications as die cut bag. And artwork can print on top of the handle area without affecting the printing. Especially used by Personal Care Products, Theme Park, Health Care Products, and Toys retailers.

Accessories 配件: Bag can be further marketed with Hotstamping